6 Best Jump Cues 2023

  • Post last modified:February 22, 2023

The pool game remains as competitive as ever, as new techniques and tricks are being learned every day. One of the most used techniques right now is jump shots.

It isn’t easy to pull jump shots off. Normally, it takes a lot of skill and practice to master jump shots. 

Luckily, there has now been a technological breakthrough that has brought about the invention of dedicated jump pool sticks. There are thousands of jump pool stick manufacturers, and many of them are of top quality.

Before we review each jump cue in detail below, here is our list of the 6 best jump cues:

Lucasi Air Hog 2
Predator Air 2 Jump Cue
Cuetec Bullet Carbon Fiber Jump Cue
Lucasi Specialty Jump Pool Cue
Players JB528 Jump/Break Pool Cue
Rage Heavy Hitter Jump/Break Cue

How to Choose a Jump Cue

a dedicated jump cue

Finding the perfect jump cue is not that hard but there are so many variables to consider. The price, shaft, tip, weight, and length should be at the top of your list.

All that being said, it is possible for you to get a bad jump cue.

Below are some tips you can use to make a more informed decision when purchasing a jump cue.


The weight of the jump pool cue is the primary factor that influences successful jumps. The weight of your cue has an impact on how difficult it is to jump a ball from close range. 

The heavier the jump cue is, the more difficult it is to make jumps.

With a lighter, let’s say about a 9oz jump cue, it takes less effort to jump a full ball from a foot away than it does with a 12oz jump cue. 

When you try jumping with just the shaft of your break cue or jump cue, you’ll see how easily it allows the cue ball to hop up.

That’s because the shaft is lighter than the cue ball and it immediately bounces out of the way of the CB.

That said, it would be best for you to try to get a jump pool cue that’s as light as possible.

Immediately you find out the weight is too heavy to be comfortable while playing, try as much as possible to drop and look for others.


One of the first things you should check out is the tip. Immediately they hand you the jump pool cue, one of the first things you should do is to feel the tip. 

If the tip is soft, you should definitely not pick it.

Soft tips can lead to imperfect jump shots. It can also make these jump shots more challenging to complete. 

So, when you want to buy a jump cue, make sure it’s a hard one.

Hard tips give greater balance, precision, and sturdiness. A hard, phenolic tip is a must! 

The harder the tip is, the easier it is to do jumps and the less force you need.


The price of the jump pool cue is another important factor for you to consider while considering the best for you to purchase. The truth is that some of these are expensive, while some are affordable enough for anyone to purchase. 

Affordable ones are sturdy enough to do the job, but they often don’t come with extra perks like a special hard tip, beautiful design, and a premium feel.

On the other hand, expensive ones come with all those perks and more.

If you’re a casual player that needs a helping hand once in a while, it would be better for you to get the expensive variants.

However, if you’re an expert that can make do with a basic jump pool cue stick, then you can get the more affordable ones. 


Lastly, try to look out for the length before purchasing.

There is no ideal length for a jump pool cue. That said, try to measure several jump pool cues in order for you to find the right one. 

A suitable pool cue would be easy for you to handle without having to arch your body or put it in different positions.

1. Lucasi Air Hog

The Air Hog 2 is presently one of the best jump pool cues out there right now. Made by Lucasi, one of the most popular and reliable brands out there.

Since then, it has quickly become a fan favorite. One of the biggest reasons why it is now loved by so many people is because of its performance. 

The Lucasi Air Hog 2 is made of the newest technologies that can’t be easily found in other pool cues. First, let’s look at its ferrule. It is made of carbon fiber which makes it almost indestructible, harder, and more importantly, gives your shots more pop.

a dedicated jump cue

When choosing a jump cue, players should know that weight plays a very important role. Lightweight jump cues allow you to make jump shots so much easier.

A combination of a lightweight jump cue and a hard tip will make things 100% easier.

That’s why the Lucasi Air Hog 2 is our top choice because it has them both! Here is its approximate weight:

Shaft only: 4.4 oz 

Shaft and first butt: 8.4 oz

Second “extension butt”: 4.1 oz

As you can tell, it is a very light cue, especially without the second extension butt. Other jump cues like the Predator Air 2 and Cuetec Bullet are weighing around 10-13 oz. with their shafts and first butts.

Furthermore, its outstanding G5 grip wrap ensures a powerful grip and control to make sure that you can make powerful but controllable jumps. 

If you want to stand a chance at winning pool games when you play, the Lucasi Air Hog 2 can prove to be an effective winning partner. 

We liked this product compared to other mediocre brands around due to its performance and consistency.

It is not the most newbie-friendly jump pool cue though. 

It looks very intimidating to a beginner at first, but give it a few tries, and you can make your first jump shots with it.

In terms of weight, the Air Hog 2 is one of the lightest jump pool cue sticks around.

It is also extremely durable and handles well under pressure. 

One of Lucasi Air Hog 2’s selling points is its three fully-interchangeable pieces. Meaning, that you can reduce its weight by removing the 3rd section of the jump cue to make shorter jumps.

And allows you to customize your cue’s performance while playing.

This is an excellent jump cue that has quality construction from butt to shaft, with a Lucasi uni-lock joint that can also be found on other Lucasi Custom and Hybrid cues.

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2. Predator Air 2 Jump Cue

If you are a fan of Predators Pool Cue, then you’re gonna like this dedicated jump cue. The Predator Air 2 Jump Cue can go head-to-head with the Lucasi Air Hog 2.

Like the Lucasi Air Hog 2, the Predator Air 2 also has a 3-piece construction for flexibility.

You can customize them for full length and short jumps

Another nice feature of Air 2 can be found in its tip.

It has a unique Phenolic with Carbon Fiber Shield tip that allows for friction which is required to make powerful jump shots. 

The Air 2’s weight is approximately 10 oz. But, I can’t really confirm it because I can’t find any info about it on their official website.

Nevertheless, it has an amazing adjustable weight system that can be found in its back handle, allowing the players to further customize the cue according to their needs. 

This feature can help you to improve the accuracy and control of the cue ball.

Moreover, it accepts weight bolts in .25oz increments, up to 3.5 oz.

The Air 2 jump cue’s shaft and collar are reinforced with carbon fiber for added durability and more pop. It also provides better grip and handling while playing.

When it comes to power, I feel like the Predator and Lucasi jump cues are just about the same.

It also has a slender figure which further inspires you to get better. Looking back at where jump cues were over the last fifteen years, you can easily see that the jump cue has made a lot of improvement. 

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3. Cuetec Bullet Carbon Fiber Jump Cue

Next on the list is this great-looking Cuetec Bullet Carbon Fiber Jump Cue. This unique jump cue has no ferrule at all and its shaft is made of carbon fiber over high-quality maple wood. 

As a result, the Cuetec Bullet is dent, ding, warp, and scratch-resistant while giving more control and pop to your jump shots.

Like the Lucasi Air Hog 2 and Predator Air 2, the Cuetec Bullet comes in three pieces which allows you to assemble/disassemble quite fast and to suit your needs.

Moreover, it has a firm phenolic tip which adds extra texture to the tip of the stick, allowing you to make jump shots effortlessly.

When it comes to jump cues, always choose the ones that have phenolic tips since they are hard. Always remember that, the harder the tip is, the easier it is to get lift, and the less force you will need to be able to perform a jump.

When it comes to weight, since it has a carbon fiber shaft and a stainless steel joint, we should expect that it is heavier than other jump cues.

It approximately weighs around 16 oz., which makes the Cuetec Bullet heavier than the Air Hog 2 which is around 8-12 oz.

But don’t fret, because of its unique features accurate jumps are easy to achieve.

As a matter of fact, the Cuetec Bullet is designed and used by champion Shane Van Boening.

4. The Lucasi Specialty Jump Pool Cue

If you’re into simplicity, you want to pick this 2-piece jump cue stick from Lucasi.

The Lucasi Specialty Jump Pool Cue has a beautiful, classic look and kind of resembles a Sneaky Pete.

It’s a perfect dedicated jump cue if you already have or planning to get a Lucasi Sneaky Pete.

Sure, this Lucasi jump cue is one of the older cues out there, but it has continued to be one of the best jump pool cue sticks due to its ease of usage and affordability.

When you pick up this jump pool cue, you would immediately be surprised by how light it is.

Weighing only about 9 oz., it allows you to make jump shots so much easier. Its phenolic tip is also very useful for powerful jumps.

It is also made of maple wood which makes the jump cue sturdy enough for you to handle.

It even has a high gloss UV coating that helps to prevent damage from the sun. 

Interestingly, one of the best features of this product is that it comes with a quick-release joint.

This means that you don’t have to fumble with it for ages before you disassemble it. You can get this off in only a few seconds. 

Keep in mind that the quick-release joint is different.

It doesn’t have the same Unilock Quick Connect joint which you can find on the Lucasi Air Hog, Custom, and Hybrid pool cues.

Another setback to using this jump pool cue above others is that it does not match up to other ones in a few aspects.

Due to the fact that it was made more than a decade ago, there are some newer features it does not possess. 

However, if you’re an experienced player that can do without using these newer features, then getting this one shouldn’t pose a problem to you.

If you prefer to use the older models, then the Lucasi Specialty Jump Pool Cue is perfect for you. 

It also looks aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, the price of this jump pool cue is more affordable when compared to others. 

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5. Players JB528 Jump/Break Pool Cue

Players is becoming a popular brand among players because of their value-for-money lineup. They would give you a warranty that lasts a long amount of time. All of their cues comes with a lifetime warranty against warpage.

One of their popular cues today is the Players JB528 Jump/Break Pool Cue. This particular cue is great for people who are starting out and for those who want a jump and break cue in one package.

trying a jump shot in billiards

One of the most noticeable features of this jump cue is its 14mm Super-hard Bakelite Tip alongside its high-impact ferrule. They have a nice and sturdy feel, which provides you with confidence.

Now, Players is a very generous company that they also gave us a Lifetime Guarantee against chipping or cracking for their special ferrule. Can you imagine that?

It also has a custom turbo lock quick-release joint which makes the entire pool jump cue easy to transport.

This kind of jump/break cue plays differently than a dedicated jump cue.

Most of the time, they are not particularly doing well for jumps because of their construction. 

Fortunately, this is not the case for the JB528. This is a 3-piece cue, so you can add or remove the extension according to your needs.

You can use it as a break cue and if you want to use it for jumps, you can just remove the extension to make it shorter.

But of course, don’t expect it to beat a dedicated jump cue with fully customizable weights like the Air Hog 2 or Predator Air 2.

The JB528 isn’t designed like that. Its main strength is its ability to be used as a break and a jump cue without spending too much as it can do both. 

It also means you can save a ton of cash by not having to buy a dedicated jump or break cue.

Lastly, I will not talk much about its capability for breaking since we are talking about jump cues. But I can tell you that when it comes to breaking, this one packs a punch.

Please read our best break cue article here.

So all-in-all, you hit two birds in one stone by getting the Players JB528 Jump/Break Cue.

6. Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue

The last cue on our list is the affordable Rage Heavy Hitter Jump/Break Cue. It is made with a 100% hard rock maple that comes stealth matte black forearm and butt to make handling even easier for you. 

One of the first things you’d notice upon looking at it is its fine wood finishing. The wood finish is aesthetically pleasing, and would definitely look good for your collection.

It also comes with parts that are easily detachable, and also has turbo lock quick-release joints. It is the same as joints that you can find in the Players JB528 Jump/Break Pool Cue.

The Rage Heavy Hitter is known for its superb breaking performance, but nevertheless, it is quite impressive during jump shots.

Although it is a heavier pool cue (about 25 oz.), its 14mm tip allows you to make jumps easier due to the fact that it’s made of bakelite.

In case you didn’t know, bakelite is a very hard plastic and is durable.

That’s the reason why we included this affordable jump/break cue on this list.

Should I Choose a Dedicated Jump Cue Or A Jump/Break Cue?

trying a jump shot in billiards

Short answer: Get a dedicated jump cue if you have the budget and if you play competitively!

If you’ve been to a few pool rooms and tried out a few things, you would have realized a while ago that there are different pool sticks available, depending on the rules and conditions of the game involved.

Surprisingly enough, not many people know the difference between a jump cue and a jump/break cue.

This has made people make all sorts of wrong assumptions and buy the wrong type of pool stick. 

There are several differences between a jump cue stick and a jump/break cue stick.

The former has a thicker shaft when compared to the jump/break cue stick.

A thicker shaft makes energy transfer to the cue ball much faster than thinner shafts thus it will produce easier jumps.

Naturally, this is the part of the pool cue that supplies energy to the tip. It also absorbs the shock produced whenever you make a shot.

Because the jump/break cue stick has a shorter ferrule, this means it is a lot trickier to get out of tricky situations. 

Interestingly, jump/break cues have harder tips as well. But they don’t have the most accurate diamond-hard tip because its performance is not optimal for breaking.

Thankfully, there is no major difference in the techniques of using these cues. Once you understand your style of play, you should be able to use any of them. 


Pool is an amazing game to play, contrary to popular opinion. Admittedly, it is pretty challenging to master if you’re a first-timer.

It can also look quite intimidating due to how good the other players may seem. However, with a little practice, you can get to that point in no time.