Best Pool Cues for Advanced Players 2023

  • Post last modified:February 22, 2023

Playing pool is like mastering any other sport, and the best pool cues are no different. Since pool is a game of strategy, finding the right pool cues is vital to your success.

For beginners, inexpensive pool cues that are easy to hit are the best option. For advanced players, you need pool cues that are easy to learn and use, but allow you to make accurate shots under pressure.

It can be tricky to understand all the cues that are out there in all the different price ranges and features. But don’t worry, we have listed the best pool cues for advanced players to help you find the right one for you.

The 6 Best Pool Cues for Advanced Players:

Lucasi Custom Birds Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick
Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Cue Stick
Cuetec Prestige Series 58” 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billboard/Pool Cue
Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 original Genesis Blue and Metallic Silver Golf Style Technology Cue
KONLLEN Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick
Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiard Pool Cue Stick-Smoke Grey Stain-Hard Case

1. Lucasi Custom Birds Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick

This pool stick is one of the best in the market right now.

Manufactured using special maple and several technological augmentations, it comfortably acts as a haven for people who prefer the classic feel.

Due to the high evolution of the game, the pool sticks cue’s feel and look changed so quickly. This caused an overflow of people finding it difficult to adapt to the new pool stick cues.

Luckily, this Lucasi Pool Stick variant helps solve this problem and bridge that gap between the old players and the new.

This Pool Stick adds technological improvements to the game’s mechanics to smoothen the experience of all who use it.

Some have even said that using this Lucasi Pool stick gives a classic feel that takes you back and makes you feel more comfortable with the game’s momentum.

The traditional look is also a safer option for amateur (beginners and intermediates) players that don’t know how to play the advanced version of the game very well. That said, it is also an amazing option for people who just want to kick back and play the game in a more leisurely way.

The Lucasi Custom Birds Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Sticks come with an improved quick-release joint, which would allow you to move and interact with the game better.

Not only does this give you amazing functionality and grace when playing the game, but it also adds a lot of beauty to it.

The manufacturers stated that their goal is to create the best pool cue that can stand the test of time.

To that end, they involve the use of a patented wood finish that helps to provide great protection against moisture and other external factors that can harm this tool.

This would mean that you won’t have to buy a new pool jump cue right away, saving you massive money.

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  • Good feel
  • High-end performer
  • Amazing quick-release joint
  • Premium construction
  • Some people prefer a fancier design

2. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Cue Stick

When creating the Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Cue Stick, one thing the manufacturers had in mind was to solve the problem of control and handling.

Too many people have had problems with that since the game launched. Similar to the Lucasi Maple Pool Cue, this high-performing pool cue also gives a classic feel and experience when you touch it.

It is well-balanced, making it pretty easy for you to carry and handle in different positions.

Additionally, the manufacturers provided massive fortifications against warpage.

Some of these fortifications include a linen wrap which is double pressed, and maple finishing to increase thickness further.

However, that’s not the only reason why this pool cue stick comes with maple finishing.

The maple and wooden material included comes from nothing short of quality. This increases the pool cue stick’s functionality and beauty.

The tip is a Kamui Black Soft tip, making you spin the balls better and have an advantage against your opponent.

If you take a look at the butt of this tool, you will realize that it comes with traditional black-and-white divided diamond and pincher-style graphic points.

This allows for a better grip and flexibility.

The Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Cue Stick also has a solid hit, making it an amazing option for you to use when participating in competitive and standard games. 

If you don’t like the product, it comes with a money-back guarantee redeemable for about thirty days.

The Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Cue Stick price is $245, and refunds and reversals come at no extra cost.

The price also makes it much cheaper than its many counterparts in the market, so it is a sweet deal for people who value affordability.

  • Classic feel
  • Affordable price
  • Its performance is closer to other high-end pool cues
  • Not as durable as other high-end pool cues
  • Decal inlays

3. Cuetec Prestige Series 58” 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billboard/Pool Cue

This pool cue is a great deal for the price attached to it. It is a pool cue not rivaled by many others, and deservedly so.

It is straight and balanced, allowing you to get out of tricky situations and tight spots. It also allows you to focus less on carrying the stick and more on the game.

This pool cue stick comes with a Veltex Grip that removes all the moisture that forms due to friction and heat.

Pulling the moisture away from your skin and the stick will allow you to have the best handling and control of all the players.

It also fits extremely well into human hands, making you have an amazing feel every time you touch it.

Adjustable weights are something you don’t find pretty often in pool cues.

However, the manufacturers understood how much people needed an adjustable weight bolt system during the game in order to increase flexibility.

Thus, they included weight bolt systems that are adjustable which would allow you to any situation thrown at you.

The shaft of the Cuetec Prestige Series 58” 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billboard/Pool Cue is made of a patented material that adds extra stability and power to any strikes you make.

You’d have the pressure of adding enough force to generate enough power to your strike off your shoulders.

Cuetec’s design and feel remain one of the most appealing in the world.

In fact, the Cuetec brand is now one of the most popular pool cue stick brands in the world.

To cap it all off, the Cuetec Prestige Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billboard/Pool Cue comes with a Tiger Everest multi-layer tip with polycarbonate ferrule, which helps your pool cue last for even longer.

If you want to upgrade your starter, high-deflection pool cues at an affordable price, this should be on your list of considerations.

  • Easy to use
  • Provides power to your game
  • The hard tip needs reshaping at first

4. Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 original Genesis Blue and Metallic Silver Golf Style Technology Cue

When you first see the Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue, you may get startled at its price. It costs a lot, but it is worth every penny. First, this pool cue comes with the best technology you can find anywhere.

If you’ve been wondering how to contain the violent vibrations which distract you from the game, look no further.

This pool cue comes with a dampening system that helps to reduce vibrations to the minimum, allowing you to focus completely on the game.

As you may expect, this would increase your chances of winning several folds. It also comes with a sport G5 grip wrap which allows for a better grip.

Sometimes, a good grip is all you would need to win a nail-bitingly tense game.

The Lucasi Hybrid L-H10 original Genesis Blue and Metallic Silver Golf Style Technology Cues also come with a stainless steel joint collar that makes it look more attractive and significantly increases the stick’s flexibility.

Added to the collar and stick is the uni-loc pin that helps to make solid hits in critical situations, helping you win critical games.

The shaft is about 12.75mm in width, and it is topped with ten layers of Kamui material in order to create an incredibly black and endurable tip.

This customized tip would further enhance your shot’s power and spin, making you able to challenge even the most experienced pool players.

The manufacturers have made several increment offers available for people who want extensions.

They can customize and deliver you a pool cue stick that is between 18 and 21 inches in half-ounce increments.

When it comes to durability, this product tops the list. It is made of patented metal that is able to withstand a lot of external damage. Lucasi is a top-notch brand, and it offers lifetime warranties on any product of theirs you buy.

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  • Lots of toys for its price
  • Premium looks
  • Excellent low-deflection shaft
  • Rubber grips can wear easily if you’re not careful

5. KONLLEN Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Stick

KONLLEN has always been known for providing some of the most bang-for-the-buck cues, and this one is no different.

Ernie Wu created this, and he had the vision to make pool playing better in mind. Ernie is a billiards handmade cue master, so he knew a lot about the game and how to improve the experience.

First off, the KOLLEN cue stick is a tough one.

The material is a durable carbon fiber, and they also put so much work into the craftsmanship and processing of this stick to give the pool a stable feel.

When you pick up the stick, you will experience increased stability and solidness compared to other sticks.

The experienced designers in charge of this project made sure that they used stitching and material collision to make the material the best it could be.

This material is also shock-resistant and contains multi-density molecular foam that prevents warpage and other annoying things that happen to pool cue sticks.

It also has a sweat-absorbent feature, which allows you to commit your full focus to the game at hand.

So many people have to wipe their sweat on several surfaces repeatedly, and these few seconds of distractions change the course of the game.

More often than not, this puts them at a disadvantage. Luckily, the pool cue stick’s material has an anti-sweat and non-slip temperament.

When you take a look at the joint, you will quickly realize that the joint is of a pin nature. The pin property and high transmission strength make it able to prevent against embroidering and erosion.

The tip is yellow in color, and it is about 12mm in thickness.

This further provides the pool stick with toughness, which you can use to tip the scales back in your favor during a match and win.

It contains fewer technological parts compared to its peers, but it quickly makes up for that with its quality.

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  • Shock resistant
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Has a muted feedback and unnatural feel

6. Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiard Pool Cue Stick-Smoke Grey Stain-Hard Case

As the name says, every single unit of this product is handcrafted by some of the best designers in the pool industry. 

Due to the fact that the southern billiards play very competitively, this pool cue stick was also designed for competitive purposes. To that end, these sticks weigh averagely higher than a lot of pool cue sticks, coming in at about 19 oz.

Luckily, it makes up for its weighty nature with its high level of sturdiness.

Many people who use this product have said that the Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiard Pool Cue Stick-Smoke Grey Stain-Hard Case is one of the most sturdy sticks that they’ve handled.

As the manufacturers created these pool cue sticks just a few years ago, it comes with some of the latest technologies and innovations.

It is also made of some of the toughest materials that give you a better grip and positioning in all your games.

It is aesthetically pleasing and is very affordable for many people.

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  • Excellent balance
  • Straight as an arrow
  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Tips need an upgrade


What are the most important features to consider when choosing a pool cue for advanced players?

When choosing a pool cue for advanced players, there are several important features to consider, including the quality of the materials used, the weight and balance of the cue, the diameter and taper of the shaft, the tip type and size, the joint type, and the overall construction and design of the cue.

Advanced players may also have specific preferences for the cue’s finish, grip, and other features that can impact their performance and comfort while playing.

Ultimately, the best pool cue for an advanced player will depend on their individual style and preferences, as well as their skill level and playing goals.

Which brands make the best pool cues for advanced players?

There are several brands that are known for producing high-quality pool cues for advanced players, including Lucasi, Players, Predator, OB, Meucci, McDermott, and Pechauer, among others.

However, it’s important to note that the “best” brand for an advanced player will depend on their individual preferences and playing style.

Some players may prefer the feel and performance of cues from one brand over another or may have specific features they are looking for that only certain brands offer.

What is the most popular pool cue weight?

19 oz is pretty common weight and a good starting point. However, in general, pool cues typically range in weight from 17 to 21 ounces. Many players prefer a cue that is on the heavier side, as it can help to provide more power and stability in their shots. Others may prefer a lighter cue, which can offer greater control and finesse

Is a lighter or heavier cue better?

A lighter cue can be easier to maneuver which can be an advantage in some situations. It may also be preferred by players who have a faster stroke or prefer to use more spin in their shots.

A heavier cue will create more cue ball speed for a given stroke effort

What is the best pool cue length?

A standard pool cue is typically 58 inches in length, but there are shorter and longer cues available as well. Some players may prefer a shorter cue for certain shots, while others may prefer a longer cue for more reach and leverage. As a general rule, the cue should be long enough to allow the player to comfortably reach the far end of the table without having to overextend or strain their body.

How often should I chalk my cue?

To maintain optimal performance and prevent miscues, it’s generally recommended to chalk your pool cue before every shot.

This applies to players of all skill levels, including advanced players. Chalking your cue helps to increase friction between the cue tip and the cue ball, which can improve accuracy, consistency, and control.

It’s also important to use high-quality chalk that adheres well to the tip and doesn’t leave residue on the ball.

what is the best material for a pool cue?

Many players prefer cues made from high-quality wood, such as maple, because of the natural feel and feedback they provide. However, some players may prefer cues made from composite materials, which can offer additional benefits such as increased durability and resistance to warping.