6 Best Pool Cues Under $200 in 2022

  • Post last modified:August 9, 2022

When choosing a pool cue, looking for cues that fit and enhance your skills is essential, but so is your budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire a befitting pool cue.

With less than $200, you will get a straight cue with great performance and it may even come with a low deflection shaft.

Also, most intermediate players aim for pool cues within this price range.

If you are also looking to step up from a regular house cue, you should consider pool cues in this range.

The prices of these cues fluctuate but usually never exceed the $200 range.

Here is our list of the 6 Best Pool Cues Under $200:

What You Typically Find In These $200 Pool Sticks

Pool cues in the $200 range often feature fine maple wood of high quality, Irish linen wraps, glue-on leather tips, pro tapers, and sometimes, low deflection shafts.

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Finding low deflection shafts on pool cues that cost less than $200 is uncommon but they usually have a great playable shaft.

Brands that incorporate this into their pool cues at this price point do a fine job of it. If you want to get a high-performance pool cue with a low-deflection shaft, you may start here.

These cues step up your game. When you get the hang of the game and want to make significant progress, cues within this budget are what you should consider.

You don’t spend too much, and you get to play better.

While experienced players may view these as the best low-priced cues, they are typically the best for intermediate players or transitioning beginners.

If you can afford a pool cue slightly lesser or higher than $200 and comes with a low deflection shaft, you will notice more accuracy and lesser squirt when you hit the cue ball.

So, if you are an intermediate or casual player with a competitive edge, we have compiled the six best pool cues under $200. We considered the wood quality, tips, wraps, shaft, and durability in choosing them.

Best Pool Cues Under $200

1. Cuetec Prestige Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Pool Cue


This is the best pool cue under $200 for beginners and intermediate players that are looking to upgrade their starter cues.

This 58-inches long two-piece pool cue is made from Canadian Maple wood, contributing to its durability.

We noticed that it has a wood core with a fiberglass wrap that helps deter warping and is resistant to dents and scratches.

It comes with a patented SST 15 ½ Pro Taper bonded shaft that we loved.

Its 13mm Tiger Everest Multilayer tip is another worthwhile feature of this pool cue. It plays like a soft tip but hits hard.

So, talk about a great grip and a strong hit, and this Cuetec Prestige 2-piece must be mentioned.

It has a straight, smooth shaft with a TrueGlide finish that makes it effortlessly glide through your fingers and plays well. More importantly, it is a low deflection shaft.

Rarely do pool cues under $200 come with low deflection shafts. An absolute steal!

It is weight-adjustable up to 21oz.

Although it comes as a 190z pool cue, its weight bolt system allows you to install screw-in weights though you have to purchase them separately.

We had to unscrew the entire black butt section to add in weights. But at 19oz, it still offered great balance.

The cue comes with a female protector only, the one who screws onto and protects the male pin on the butt of the cue.

It also comes with a Veltex grip that absorbs as much moisture as possible.

Its beautiful yet simplistic design makes it one of the most appealing pool cues under $200 to individuals who love minimalist designs. It weighs 1.3 pounds with dimensions 58 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches.


  • Comes with a low deflection shaft
  • Weight-adjustable


  • Does not come with screw-in weights

2. Viking Valhalla 100 Series with Irish Linen Wrap 2 Piece 58” Pool Cue Stick


If you are a beginner who wants to start with a fantastic cue stick at a low price point, the Viking Valhalla 100 pool cue is one of the best pool cues under $200 that you can get.

If you are used to playing with house pool cues at bars, this pool cue will wow you.

This 58-inch maple shaft cue features a two-piece design like the Cuetec Prestige.

It has a high-impact resin ferrule, comes with an Irish linen wrap that makes the stick comfortable to hold and gives a good grip, and features the secure Stainless Steel 5/16 x 18 threaded joint. It does not feature a quick-release joint.

It is a weight-adjustable cue but comes in just one weight and does not come with the weight bolts required to change it.

So, if you don’t know what weight best suits you, you can get a 19oz cue and add weights to it if it feels too light.

It has a pro taper shaft which is as straight as an arrow, while its 13mm glue-on leather tip is medium hard and well-shaped.

If you care about warranties (who doesn’t?), this pool cue is backed by lifetime warranties against shaft warpage.

Although not covered in fiberglass, its wood polish is evidence of a fantastic paint job. It shoots great, is well-balanced, and offers excellent value for money.

It has a pretty simple design available in various colors to pick what best suits you.

It does not come with a case, nor does it employ low deflection technology. It is a high-deflection shaft and requires some skill to avoid squirting.

Note that it is not an American-made stick. It is made in China, but the location has no hold on the quality of the stick.


  • Backed by lifetime warranties
  • Well balanced


  • It is not a low deflection pool cue

3. Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue


At a little over $200, you can get a premium quality pool cue.

The Players HXT15 two-piece cue is on this list of the best pool cues under $200 because of its straight HXT low deflection shaft worthy of being on pool cues that cost way more.

This pool cue made from North American hard rock maple comes with an HXT High-tech low deflection ferrule with a unique lightweight polymer core that drastically reduces cue ball deflection.

With this cue, you are guaranteed more spot-on side shots.

It is available as a 58-inch cue stick in 18 to 21oz that each comes with a 12.75mm Kamui black soft tip that grips the cue ball perfectly and gives superior spin.

The tip is well-rounded and durable. It also readily accepts chalk.

Its black double-pressed Irish linen wrap is stylish and allows a firm grip. It is a classic pool cue with its stylish walnut-stained Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt.

Its traditional black & white divided diamond and pincher-style graphic points are eye-catching, while its stainless steel joint collar complements the aesthetics even as it keeps the two-piece cue secure.

If you want to pull out your cue stick in a hall and have people gasping at premium quality and design, this is the pool cue for you.

It’s even more impressive that it’s not all about looks but offers excellent playability.

Note that it will come with PureX inscribed as its brand name.

It initially used to be known as “PureX by Players” but has become such a well-established brand that it now stands alone, although the same manufacturer makes its products.

With all of these amazing qualities, the Players HXT-15 is indeed a worthy pool cue.


  • Excellent balance
  • Eye-catching design
  • Comes with a low deflection shaft


  • Some players experienced warping after a few months. But don’t worry, your pool cue is covered with a lifetime warranty

4. McDermott Lucky L65 Leprechaun Graphic Green Yellow on Black Pool/Billiard Cue

The McDermott Lucky L65 is a 58-inch cue stick made from hard rock maple and is on this list of best pool cues under $200 for its classy design and playability.

It features a “Leprechaun” graphic sleeve overlay with a Multi-color forearm overlay that is beautiful. I got the green-colored one and was totally impressed.

It plays well and is almost as good as higher-end McDermott cues.

It is a two-piece cue with a 3/8 x 10 screw joint. It has a 13mm medium hard leather tip that makes it easier for beginners to land shots.

Intermediate players won’t want to use this as a break cue because its tip is not hard enough for breaking.

With its super clean finish and smooth, straight shaft, one of the most awesome cues under $200. Lifetime warranties also back it against shaft warpage.

Pool lovers aiming for a good stick with great graphics appreciate this cue stick. If you also want a McDermott stick but cannot afford the higher-end ones, this is the next best thing.


  • Impressive graphics
  • Great play


  • Cannot function as a break cue

5. Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue


This Players Classic Birds-Eye billiard cue features a timeless traditional look with its nutmeg-stained Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt covered with a black, genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap that reduces slip.

It looks pretty sophisticated.

This pool cue is made from North American Grade A hard rock maple that has been treated with Nelsonite.

Nelsonite is a patented stabilizer that protects the wood pores from moisture by sealing them.

It also protects the pool cue from atmospheric changes. It is finished with a high gloss super UV coating that provides an armor coating against fading and chipping.

The shaft is made of the same treated North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple as the cue butts and came with a pro taper for long strokes.

It comes straight and is joined to the butt with a 5/16 x 18 stainless steel joint collar and triple silver ring sets.

The parts are so perfectly centered that the entire stick comes out straight without any dents or bends.

It comes with a 13mm Le Pro medium-hard tip that holds its shape at first and takes chalk well.

After some time, though, it might need reshaping.

You will notice a smooth fine finish with the shaft. The finish on the butt and shaft is flawless.

This results from being treated with a special French cue wax that provides a smooth finish, so the shaft glides through your fingers. The shaft is topped with a durable high-impact ferrule that carries a lifetime guarantee against chipping or cracking.

It is a great playing cue for both amateurs and intermediate players. It is available in 18oz to 21oz sizes in half-ounce increments so that you can find the one that best suits you and feels right to hold.

It is also weight-adjustable and well-balanced.

The heavier sticks, like the 21oz stick, can be used as a break cue.

While it might not have inlays nor is made from exotic wood as seen in more expensive cues, it plays much better.

After testing out this stick, we agree that substantial craft and care went into its production, and it will play just fine, even at tournaments.


  • Perfectly centered parts
  • Very straight stick
  • Covered by lifetime warranties, even against warpage


  • The tip will need reshaping after a while

6. Cuesoul Pool Cue


If you want a budget-friendly cue stick with cool-looking designs, the CUESOUL 57-inch pool cue is one of the best pool cues under $200 that offers these benefits.

It is a two-piece cue with a stainless steel M-18 joint and a butt and shaft made from North Canadian hard maple wood.

These offer great weight and balance.

It is one inch lesser than all the other cues on this list of best pool cues under $200, at 57 inches. Its design is anything but unnoticeable.

The skull graphic on it is perfect for any badass player. If pool cues intimidate each other, this pool cue would be an impressive knight.

It features a 13mm leather tip that gives ultimate ball control to beginners and has a black and white genuine Irish linen wrap that won’t let the pool cue slip out of your hands.

While it is better than many regular bar or house cues, it is not as sophisticated, nor does it play as well as other cues on this list.

This is why it is a budget pool cue that costs less than $100.

While we have heard complaints about getting bent sticks, the one we got was straight and well-balanced and hit the cue ball squarely.

Its 13mm tip makes sure of that.

It took a few months before it started warping, but it was comfortable to hold and played well before this.

If you are as fortunate as we were, you will get a perfectly straight stick with a very cool design.

In the pack, you will find joint Protectors, one piece of billiard towel, and one blue carrying cue bag.


  • Has a cool design
  • Has a wide tip for landing square shots


  • Warps easily


The Cuetec Prestige 58-inches pool cue is our best pool cue under $200.

Not only is it still less than $200, but it also offers great play, is a low deflection pool cue, has a very straight shaft, is weight-adjustable, does not warp easily, and features a smooth finish.

It has top-notch features at an unbelievable price point.

The Players Technology HXT15 series is a close second except for being a little higher than $200.

But for its premium features, a tip that offers superior grip and spin on the cue ball, a straight shaft, and excellent playability, what are an extra few dollars?

Each of the pool cues under $200 listed offers impressive play for pool cues in this price range.

Whether you are after cool graphics and design or great play, straight shaft, and hard tips, there is something for you on this list.

Some of these cues cost less than $100 and can effectively compete with higher-priced contemporaries of more popular brands.

With so many options to choose from when considering buying a pool cue, we hope this list of best pool cues under $200 helps to narrow down your search.

Each cue on the list gives more than enough bang for the buck. Good luck picking a cue that feels and plays right!