Do you really need a break cue?

  • Post last modified:February 24, 2023

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to quite a few pool rooms.

Maybe you’ve even tried different pool cues. However, you probably don’t know about another type of cue stick; break cue sticks.

Break cues have come into the limelight recently due to their impressive break-shot capabilities.

break in pool

But do you really need them? This is a question that has been asked by many pool players over the years. There are several differences between a break cue and a shooting pool cue, and these differences can make an impact on a player’s success rate.

So, do you really need it? What are the advantages of having one? Find out the answer to all these questions below.

The short answer to the much-demanded question is NO, they are not necessary. The long answer is more complicated. The truth is that you don’t need to use a break cue in order to win. However, having one increases your chances of winning any game you play smoothly.

Pool cues and break cues are very similar in shape and size.

However, that’s where the similarity ends. Firstly, the shaft of the break cue is a lot thicker than the shooting cues, which allows it to stand a lot more pressure.

The Cuetec Breach is of the most popular break cues today.

Naturally, this means that the break cue is better at making break shots when compared to pool cues.

Additionally, having a break cue is essential for protection. As your personal shooting cue gets used more, it tends to get damaged.

Since pool cues are used more during pool games, it only makes sense to shield them from danger as much as you can.

Fortunately, break cues can be used to prevent damage due to the pressured impact and force that the cue makes on the balls.

Doing this would make you save lots of money, as you won’t have to spend dozens of dollars purchasing pool cues every few weeks.

So, although this type of pool cue is not absolutely necessary to play pool, it is needed to withstand all the pressure that comes with making powerful shots.

This makes sure your pool cue is safe and secure.

What are the Advantages of Having a Break Cue?


Having a break cue has a lot of advantages, and it can certainly help you win more games.

First off, the advantages of having a consistent break can be extremely beneficial, as it helps you get more consistent with your shots.

As you may expect, consistency is extremely beneficial to your game, as it would give you enough stability to win.

Furthermore, a lot of break cues have also been modified with the latest technology available, meaning that all shots have become powerful.

You don’t have to exert so much force to get powerful break shots. These technologically modified break cues also allow you to break and run, since many of these games are “winner break.”

Break cues hardly require changing due to their natural toughness, as they can withstand even the most pressure.

Many of them have sleek designs which allow you to handle them as well as pool cues.

In contrast, a lot of house cues can’t withstand all the pressures of the game without malfunctioning.

Many house cues are not infused with these technological innovations that break cues have. These reasons alone make it a cue stick worth the buy.

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What about jump/break cues?

Affordable jump/break cue, the Rage Heavy Hitter is great for beginners and intermediates who love to bring a few cues with them.

A lot of people are beginning to use break cues in their games due to all the benefits it offers.

It has led countless people to several victories, and it is currently one of the best pool cues to exist. However, what happens when you want to make a jump shot?

It is rather challenging for you to make a jump shot with a break cue.

The break cue wasn’t designed to make jump shots, so trying to use it to perform one may be chaotic.

At best, it would make a very weak jump shot. in order for you to use the break shot and jump shot techniques at the same time, it would be best for you to get a pool cue that can perform both of these features.

Trying to switch between cues mid-game can be extremely stressful, and can even cost you the game.

In order not to get left behind on the leaderboards, toughness, and speed are required. Getting one is more cost-effective because you would be killing two birds with one stone.

You would be able to make jump shots and break shots as you wish, without having to lose momentum.

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What about cue warpage?

The concept of cue warpage isn’t an unpopular one.

Many pool cues undergo warpage for various reasons. Some of these reasons are poor cue maintenance, exposure to extreme temperatures, or even due to regular wear and tear.

If you’ve been playing the pool game for a while, you’ve most likely come across a warped pool cue once or twice.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about cue warpage when it comes to break cues.

They are extremely strong and durable, which means that they can withstand quite a lot of pressure and force that house cues can’t.

When being manufactured, the producers source the best wood, because compromising on quality would affect the stick’s usability.

Truth be told, not all manufacturers use the same quality of wood.

Therefore, make sure you properly inspect the cue stick before making a purchase. if you’re in doubt, you can always ask them about the type of wood that was used to make the cue stick.

If you want to stay safe, it would help if you did enough research to make a more informed decision.