Philippine Bigtime Billiards – Our New Partner

  • Post last modified:August 2, 2022

The Philippine Bigtime Billiards (PBB) Face Off is a joint undertaking of Mega Sports World, BRKHRD Corporation and Bugsy Promotions in cooperation with PAGCOR, Diamond Table, Malungai Life Oil, I-Bar, Human Plus Probiotics, Golden Leaf Restaurant, Hermes Sports and the Billiard Managers and Players Association of the Philippines.


The Philippine Bigtime Billiards (PBB) has been the prime source of billiards news and information in the Philippines. Located in Manila, Philippines, they are a team that streams and covers different billiards and pool events. Billiards fans have a lot to look forward to. Whether it’s exciting billiard championships, exciting billiards pro and amateur events, or simply exciting billiard news and views, there’s something for everyone. That’s why we are so excited to announce that we partnered with them to give you the most reliable source for your billiards and pool needs.

It doesn’t matter if we’re from the US and they are from the Philippines. By having a solid communication and an annual gathering, together, we can be the prime source for all your pool and billiards needs.

With some help from PBB, we created pool buying guides like:

Pool Cues

Pool cues are a great investment, whether you’re a dedicated pool player or someone who wants to introduce some pool action to the game room at your house. Picking the right cue can require a lot of research, and there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for one. Pool cues come in a range of materials and features, but each pool cue’s material (including wood, plastic, or carbon fiber) determines its weight, balance, and accuracy. The right pool cue for you will likely vary based on how often you play and how much you like to play. Here are some of our guides about pool sticks:

Pool Balls

When it comes to pool balls, not all are the same. They have different designs, qualities and uses. There are pool and billiard balls that will look really good for your own pool table and there are some sets for billiard halls and for competitive matches. Selecting the right ball can be your edge. It’s essential that you know the differences between each ball type, so you’ll know which ball sets to buy.

Pool Table

Today, billiards are enjoyed in a much wider range of settings, since billiards tables are now part of the furniture in many homes. If you are looking to purchase a pool table, it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for. There are many things to consider when buying a pool table, including size, pool table dimensions, material, and cost.

Many commercial and residential owners find that a pool table can be the perfect addition to a home or commercial space. The fun in having a pool table is that, unlike electronic versions, it is a more social activity, and players can enjoy each other’s company. As a pool table is a significant investment, you want to be sure you’re making the best choice. The best pool tables for home use are sturdy, well-made, and constructed with care. It should last at least ten years, and ideally up to twenty years.

……… And there’s more to come!

Closing Statement

With this partnership, we expect that the business will accelerate and will provide more opportunities in this space. We are hoping to have a great partnership with PBB for years to come. In addition, we’re also looking for more partners in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact us.